Photography Studio

Are you looking for a photography studio for your newborn portraits and more? The professionals at Milk + Lily Portrait Co. are here, and we are happy to help!

If you are a new parent or a family member or friend of one, bringing a newborn into our photography studio to have some of their first images preserved is a decision you likely won’t regret. There’s a reason people say they grow up fast -- because they do! Hesitate, and you might miss something.

For new parents, newborn photography is a must. Portraits of your baby are perfect for:

  • Documenting milestones
  • Providing keepsakes for friends and family members
  • Holiday gifts, etc.
  • Creating portraits (when well preserved) that can be kept and saved and shared for lifetimes

With our photography studio, you can capture their earliest moments with clean, crisp professional images, which can be used as gifts, and pulled out later when they graduate! (We know, that’s a lot to think about, so we’ll slow it down a bit for now).

What our photography studio offers

We offer newborn photography services and more in our photography studio, which is in Walnut Creek, CA.

What we specifically offer that sets us apart from other photography studios is story-driven imagery with emotional awareness. That means we don’t just take photographs of your newborn. We do our best to tell the story of their beginnings and reflect the personality they are growing into and bringing to the world.

In addition to newborn photography, our studio also provides family and maternity portraits, as well as the following:

  • On-location portraits
  • Studio portraits
  • Heirloom quality prints
  • Wall art
  • Fine art prints
  • Family photography
  • Newborn and baby photography
  • Maternity photography

Why invest in maternity portraits? There are several reasons, including:

  • Creating a start to your family's baby book or collection of items & keepsakes
  • To celebrate such an important milestone
  • As a tribute to the magnificent creation the body is making
  • To capture the essence, beauty, and glow of an expectant mother
  • And, maternity photoshoots can be a lot of fun

In essence, we appreciate all families at whatever stage they might be in - and we’re happy to help document these moments and changes.

Preparing for your studio visit

We’ve worked with tons of newborns and their families, and our experiences have taught us a lot.

Typically, we recommend feeding an infant around 20-minutes before a photoshoot to help keep them calm and their level of fussiness down. Also, don’t forget to burp them!

We also know that each newborn and their family are special. This is something that is integral to what we do, and it’s important that each family that visits our photography studio leaves feeling their uniqueness is portrayed in all the right ways. That’s why we work to create distinct, and yet telling, images which can incorporate clever and artistic props, colors, positioning, and more, for the best results.

Give our photography studio a call today to discuss your photoshoot needs, and any other questions you may have leading up to your studio visit, at (510) 725-4465.

Maternity and family portrait poses and ideas

Some people have a distinct vision of what they’d like for their maternity and/or family portrait, and others like to do a fair amount of exploring before landing on any one idea or theme.

We encourage you to check out some of these poses and suggestions below for ideas before coming in for your photoshoot.

For couples expecting ―

  • ugging each other (facing side, with partner holding belly)
  • Intimate snuggle (facing front, partner nuzzling shoulder)
  • Partner kissing belly (on knees)

For families with young children ―

  • Walking, holding hands (facing front or away)
  • Holiday/festive
  • Bring in the family cat, dog, or other pet
  • Sitting (facing front)
  • Back to back (each parent with a child in their lap)
  • Swinging child (ideal for those with one child)
  • Children only (hugging, sitting, etc.)
  • Baby in the middle (both parents kissing on either side)

Adult family portraits ―

  • Pick a scene (Some stand, some sit)
  • Out in nature (different poses such as sitting/standing/lying down applicable)
  • Holiday-themed
  • At the fireplace/hearth of your home
  • Standing in the driveway
  • Close-up (standing)

While photos taken on cellphones and personal cameras may capture many valuable and cherished candid moments, nothing documents vivid details like a portrait taken in a professional photography studio setting.

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