Walnut Creek Birthday Cake Smash

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Walnut Creek Birthday Cake Smash

Walnut Creek Birthday Cake SmashWalnut Creek Birthday Cake Smash

One of our favorite sessions, if not our favorite, is the first birthday shoot and cake smash. A child’s first birthday is one of the biggest milestones, and one that you’ll want to capture on camera with a studio session. We have captured dozens of First Birthday sessions in our Walnut Creek studio over the past few years and have tons of specialty birthday props on hand in our studio. 

Where to Start

So, your child either just turned one or is turning one soon, and you want to capture this moment in a special way. This is a very popular milestone and time for photos, so most studios in the bay area are already prepared for setting up this type of session. Just reach out to your family photography studio and tell them that you’re interested in having a first birthday session with a cake smash. The first birthday session does typically run longer than the average family session, especially if you’re including a cake smash. Some studios will charge extra for this type of session because of the time length, however, Milk + Lily Portrait Co. does not charge for any session regardless of the length, only for the photos purchased. 

How to Prepare

When preparing for a first birthday session, the only task on your end will be buying and bringing the cake (if you want to do a cake smash). In terms of the type of cake, your local grocery store or baker likely has small cakes that would work perfectly for the cake smash. There isn’t a type of cake specifically designed for babies, but any small cake will work. In terms of colors, we advise not to do anything with red frosting, because your baby will look like a little vampire, or chocolate frosting because it will look like they’re playing with poo. 

Walnut Creek Birthday Cake SmashWalnut Creek Birthday Cake Smash

Other than the cake, there isn’t anything that you will NEED to bring necessarily, however, we always encourage bringing any props that are either celebratory or have sentimental value. You also might want to bring multiple outfits for your baby to capture different looks. Our studio in Walnut Creek is also attached to our baby clothing store, Milk + Lily Clothing Boutique, so if you see anything in our shop that you know your little one would look adorable in, that is always an option as well.

The Session

The type of photos and the flow of your first birthday session will depend on your goals for the session. We typically like to get a variety of looks (mom with baby, dad with baby, mom and dad together with baby, etc.), but if you only want solo photos of your baby, that’s fine too! 

Walnut Creek Birthday Cake SmashWalnut Creek Birthday Cake Smash

The cake smash is always the last part of the first birthday session for obvious reasons. It is the best way to cap off a fun session, plus there is usually a mess that follows, and it doesn’t make sense to take images once the baby’s face is covered in cake.

We hope all this information provided was helpful if you’re thinking about booking a cake smash session in the bay area, or anywhere else. Our Walnut Creek studio may be the perfect place for you to celebrate your little one turning a year old with some adorable images.


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