Planning a One-Year Old Birthday Session

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Planning a One-Year Birthday Session


The 1st Birthday

While a child obviously won’t be able to remember their 1st birthday, it can be the most memorable one for the parents, which is why many parents want to remember this stage in their baby’s life with a special one-year-old birthday session. At Milk + Lily Portrait Co., we love one-year-old sessions and our Walnut Creek studio is equipped with tons of props to make the images even more adorable. 

Walnut Creek 1st Birthday SessionOne-Year-Old Studio Session

There are many different themes and ideas that can be incorporated into a one-year-old session. In our studio, we always appreciate the collaboration with parents. The more ideas the parents bring to the photographer ahead of time and the more open they are about their vision, the more the photographer will be able to make their vision come to life. However, it is not necessary to have any specific ideas in mind ahead of time. 



We recommend bringing multiple outfits for your little one for their one-year session. More outfits allow for more styles and looks and create a larger selection of photos to choose from. We also recommend having multiple outfits of different colors. Our Walnut Creek studio has four different colored backdrops to allow for the perfect background for each outfit. It’s always fun to explore different styles and color combinations, so get creative with the outfit choice; it’ll make the experience even more worthwhile!

Walnut Creek 1st Birthday SessionOne-Year-Old Studio Session

Birthday Cake Smash

The birthday cake smash is our favorite set-up to include in a one-year session in our bay area studio. It’s adorable, fun, and there are many ways you can be creative and make it unique for your little one. 

Walnut Creek Birthday Cake SmashOne-Year-Old Studio Session

Watching your little one attempt to consume their first cake is hilarious in person, but it will be even funnier looking back at the photos. The cake is the only element of the session that will not be provided by the photographer. However, these cakes are very easy to find at your local grocery store or bakery, just let them know you are looking for a cake for your one-year-old.

Walnut Creek Birthday Cake SmashOne-Year-Old Session

We like to save the birthday cake smash for the end of the session, as most likely there will be some form of mess involved, and it’s a good reward for your little one for their hard work!

Overall, we love one-year-old sessions because they are so much fun, and everyone involved tends to be laughing most of the time. We hope that no matter which studio you choose, your one-year birthday session is worthwhile! 😊


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