Bay Area Family Photography: Outdoor vs. Studio

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Bay Area Family Photography: Outdoor vs Studio


If you live in the Bay Area, you’re well aware of how beautiful and geographically diverse of a landscape surrounds you. From the Diablo Valley Mountains to the San Francisco Bay, there are so many spots that are perfect for an outdoor family photo session.

Bay Area Outdoor Family Photography Mom and Daughter SunsetBay Area Outdoor Family Photography

Before you choose a location for your family photos, it’s important to establish your goals and vision for what you’re looking for in your session. For example, many families view the beach session as a classic look in the summer and seek it out every year. However, some people view that type of session as an outdated trend. Thus, preferences are extremely important, and it’s even more important that you express your vision to your photographer.


Bay Area Outdoor Family Photography Family matching wearing white at the beachBay Area Outdoor Family Photography

Outdoor sessions can be perfect for marking particular seasons and capturing special occasions throughout the year. Even though the Bay Area does not bolster the most vivid changing of the seasons, it’s easy to mark a celebration of fall around colorful leaves or at a pumpkin patch, or spring by blowing on dandelions. When nature is your backdrop, you can create some truly spectacular images.

Bay Area Outdoor Family Photography in the flower gardenBay Area Outdoor Family Photography


While an outdoor session can create beautiful moments in nature, there are some major advantages to booking a studio session instead of, or in addition to, an outdoor session. An outdoor Bay Area atmosphere is great, but sometimes it doesn’t allow you to control very much about your session in terms of lighting, positioning, etc. When you have a very intentional vision in mind for how you want a session to look, a studio session may be the better choice.

Bay Area Studio Family and Maternity Photography with bubblesBay Area Studio Family Photography

Studio sessions also allow make it easier to incorporate props. It can be much more difficult to set up props at an outdoor session, with uneven surfaces and potential intrusion from the wind. In a studio session, the photographer and their team can ensure that the props for your session will be handled and set up exactly how you had in mind.


Studio photography boy with presentBay Area Studio Family Photography

Studio sessions are often easier for families to manage as well. Especially if you have multiple young children, or a baby, outdoor sessions can be overwhelming. Studio sessions give you a chance to create beautiful, memorable photos without having to spend hours out in the heat and stressing about getting everyone in the right place.

Bay Area Studio Family PhotographyBay Area Studio Family Photography



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