7 Reasons to Book a Newborn Photo Session

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7 Reasons to Book a Newborn Photo Session

Bringing home a newborn baby is a big deal. Believe me, I completely understand that after a few hours of broken up sleep, adding something to the calendar is the last thing you want to do. When you turn to your partner and ask what day it is, you both will have different answers and neither will be correct. It's all part of the fun! (cue endless and nonsensical crying)

Quick anecdote: my wife and I stayed two nights in the hospital after meeting our son for the first time on September 30th. On that second night, my studio manager texted a cheeky message that asked when I would I like to come in for our newborn session. She goes over the same timing tips we tell all our clients, like how the ideal age is 2-10 days for the sweetest poses. I told her I absolutely cannot believe we tell clients this! We slept for maybe 20 minutes those first two nights, and thinking about having to change out of pajamas and drive a car were the furthest things from my mind. Honestly, I had a tiny bit of anxiety just thinking about it.

So what did we do? We rallied like champions! ...about a week later. Yep, day 9 we pulled ourselves together with an incredibly refreshing 2.5 hours of sleep and took the most precious photos of our son. Below are 7 reasons to help share why this was so important!

1. Your Baby is only this little once

Okay this is as basic as it gets, but that doesn't make it any less true! Now, technically most babies will lose weight for a first few days after delivery, but that's besides the point. Beside the point? Adjacent to the subject. Whatever, sleep deprivation is real! Your baby is teeny tiny and will look completely different every week ;) Our baby boy went through a blonde hair phase then right back to dark brown. Take the time to rally together and cherish this time. Really what it comes down to for me is potential. This is when your child has everything in front of them: good and bad habits, dreams and wants and everything that sets us as humans down one path or another. Love them and love this moment. You're doing great!

2020-10-22_00052020-10-22_0005New Born Session

2. The photos are perfect for your newborn announcement/friends further away

Despite this section title, it's important to remember these photos are for YOU first and foremost. My wife and I waited three weeks before even sharing cell phone pics with social media -- it's not a rule, and everyone will be different of course, but if you couldn't tell from my rambling introductory paragraphs above, we had enough to handle with our bundle of farts joy.

That being said, we absolutely wanted to share how beautiful our boy was to friends and close family! Covid-19 quarantining obviously made this more difficult than in the before time, but our unique and creative imagery said everything we were too exhausted to put into words.

2020-10-22_00272020-10-22_0027New Born Session

3. Professionals know how to pose, style, and light your session perfectly

It's literally what we spend our lives studying and perfecting. Every shoot is better than the last because we're paying attention to what went well and why playing "Baby Shark" in studio is a bad idea. Seriously though, thanks to constant study, I knew how to wrap up a newborn in a potato sack swaddle that'll soothe the fussiest of babies before I even met my son. We attend seminars and international photography conventions (jealous?) so we may continue to perfect our art.

But don't take our word for it...let's see what some Yelp! reviews have said about our professionalism: 
"...got all my 3 boys smiling and happy for numerous pictures. He was professional, reliable, and easy to work with!" - Marisa B. 12/20/2020
"Completely in LOVE with my portraits...They are so ethereal and beautiful. My entire experience was perfect...I cried because they were so well done and wanted to purchase ALL of them!" - Kelly G. 12/3/2020
"...an absolute gem of a find. They were so wonderfully patient with our daughter during our photo session. I cannot recommend them enough...we honestly couldn't decide which photos we liked best, they were all that great!" - Katia D. 9/4/2020

Lighting is probably the single most important factor in newborn photography. We use continuous lighting to keep everyone calm and peaceful, which makes all the difference as your little one is developing their motor skills and moro reflex. Wait, posing is actually more important than lighting because nothing is more important than safety! Just like we'll never pose a family photography session on train tracks (Google it), we'll never put your brand new human in any of the dangerous, spine-crunching poses you might see on the web. Okay so posing, final answer as to the most important thing we do better in-studio than at home!

2020-10-22_00352020-10-22_0035New Born Session 4. We can take pictures of you and your newborn together (plus your partner and/or other kids)

I mean...duh, right? Besides the fact that front facing cell phone cameras are infinitely inferior quality, you're simply limiting what is possible by keeping one hand on the phone. Take this as an opportunity to let someone else take control for a little while so you can relax and enjoy the experience with your family :)

2020-10-22_00192020-10-22_0019Family Photoshoot Sessions

5. High Quality Wall Art, Albums and Loose Prints

Studies show that children who grow up with pictures of themselves and their family on the wall have higher self esteem and a greater sense of belonging. To that end, we feature the highest quality print labs and use archival quality inks and papers, in addition to a lifetime replacement guarantee to protect against...accidents;) That's right - any damage at all to your beautiful wall art, albums or loose prints are covered 100% for free replacement. This is because our heirloom items are meant to be passed down to future generations and we'll do anything we can do to ensure they have the opportunity to do so.

2020-10-22_00012020-10-22_0001New Born Session

6. Remembering them when they were cute! Especially when they’re older...

If you're like my wife and I, you're a little bit anxious about how your kids will behave in their teens. We both went through phases where we were...less than kind to our parents (love you, mom and dad!), and fear karmic justice 16ish years from now. My dad's favorite joke whenever my mom talks about my being a cute baby (subtle backdoor brag) is to ask, "well what the heck happened?" Pause for laughter. Pause for applause...oh, a standing ovation? You're too kind. Or I need sleep. Maybe both?

In either case, when our adorable bundles morph into acne-prone monsters we can shelter in the panic room with a bottle of wine and a photo album of when the kiddos were cute and quiet and full of love.

2020-10-22_00032020-10-22_0003New Born Session

7. The photos are just so darn cute!

Enough said. Book your session with us today!

2020-10-22_00282020-10-22_0028New Born Session


2020-10-22_00202020-10-22_0020New Born Session


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